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To see if your date is available please visit our Request your date page Located in Bountiful Utah

Our Ice Cream Machines

we rent ice cream machines to northern Utah for weddings, Receptions, business events, birthday parties, reunions, and more.


We try to make our rentals as easy on you as possible so here is how it works.



Rentals with Summit 101

Our Taylor Ice Cream Machine

What We Do

Need to reserve for your event?

All of our machines hold two flavors and have a middle handle for the twist.


We have 2 different machines one that can can feed a crowd of about 500 for 2 hours and another style that can produce enough ice cream for a crowd of 250 for 2 hours.


Both styles of machines require 220 v., which means they need to be plugged into a dryer or stove outlet, we have roughly 100 ft. of extension cord  to help accommodate to certain venues. We also Rent generators for those places that might not have the correct power outlet.


Please read our About our machines page for more info.

Check to see if your date is available by filling out our form on the REQUEST YOUR DATE page. We will check to see if we have a machine available that day and email you back within the 24 hours.  Don't hesitate, the summer weekends fill up fast!


Reserve Your date!

WE Deliver and set up the machine for you!

Wedding at highland gardens

If your date is available we will send a link to actually reserve your date and from there the date and machine is yours.

ice cream toppings


Ordering your Ice Cream Mix, toppings, etc.

Determine how many people you will be expecting. Each bag of ice cream mix is 2.5 gallons and after freezing comes to be about 50 one cup servings. For most receptions expecting around 300 people we recommend 4 bags of mix (2 chocolate and 2 vanilla). Goto our PRODUCTS page for a list of what we offer.


Your Rental!

We will Call you a day or two before your event just  to confirm we have the correct address and supplies. We will also want to know what power will be available to know if you will be needing to use the generator or not. Please speak with your venue to see if they have a 220 volt outlet available. Please read about our machines if you have any questions.


Then we will deliver your machine directly to your events location we will also set it up and take it down when you are finished. we will show you how to run it as well (Mainly consisting of just putting mix into the top of the machine when it gets low).


We Will want to arrive about 1 hour before your event starts. This gives us plenty of time to set up and have ice cream frozen before guests arrive.


Its as easy as that!